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Better invoicing

Cleanweb uses our own web software, via our website, to manage our clients services, billing and general account management.

There had always been a limitation on the information available to our invoice and emailing system, particularly around repeat billing for services charged regularly to an individual client.

This prompted improvements in the invoicing feature we offer and consequently the invoices our clients receive from us.
client database

client database

User management tools allow you to offer site memberships to clients and create additional administrators for your site. Member profiles allow for password access to restricted site content, ordering of site items and basic accounting features. Manage an online database of your clients and/or members. Send personalised communications and integrate with account features.

Other features

  • Send email and newsletters to all or selected users

Email and invoicing

Print documents or send by email to your clients.
Use templates to generate personalised invoices, reminders, account notifications and other documents.
Schedule email messages to be sent to particular clients at certain times and at regular intervals.
Retail & accounting

Retail & accounting

Generate revenue directly from your web site with integrated ordering and accounting.

Site visitors add items to an order, set quantities and select payment method. Use admin tools to track and process orders, payments and overdue accounts.

Other features
  • Download bank transactions and reconcile online customer accounts
  • View customers running account balance