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32 Salamanca Road

32 Salamanca Road

Website  This website was built as a simple information portal where existing tenants of 32 Salamanca could promote themselves and obtain information about available services. Potential new tenants can find out more about 32 Salamanca and the directors and shareholders can share information and documents in a centralised location.Project Type  Web design & buildLocation  WellingtonTags    wellington  service  membership  calendar 

5 great reasons to choose cleanweb

  Small, fast and flexible

  High quality, cost effective solutions

  What you want, no surprises along the way

  Solutions for most needs and budgets

  100% New Zealand owned and operated since 2001

Being small, cleanweb is able to focus on doing what counts, delivering quality systems friendly and efficiently. Drawing on our long history and deep IT knowledge to walk you through the process and provide support and advice as required.

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A turning point for Cleanweb

A turning point for Cleanweb

After 11 years my friend and business partner Milan has decided to cease his involvement in Cleanweb to focus on his family and sail boat.
Milan is the brains behind the Cleanweb server system. He contributed a great deal of time and experience to the project which puts me in a challenging position - how do I continue to provide services to existing and future clients?

My options:
  1. Cease business operations entirely - I don't want to give up on what we have created and the current clients.
  2. Attempt to use a different server software stack - Involves lots of unknowns and the challenge of what to do for existing web clients.
  3. Up-skill and attempt to fill Milan's enormous shoes - A daunting task but closest to 'business as usual'.

So, I have taken on the job of web server administrator. This has involved a number of changes to various systems in order to streamline and modernise things where possible in an attempt to keep things simple.

With the help of a systems specialist the server platform was upgraded, reconfigured slightly and migrated to a cloud server environment for easier management going forward.

Adding video to your web page

First you need to upload your video to a video sharing service such as YouTube. YouTube is recommended as it is easy to use, widely popular and free. The following steps are for embedding an existing YouTube video:
  • From the Share options on, choose Embed + Configure the options you want such as video size
  • Copy the provided embed code
  • On your site edit (or create) the page or item where you want to embed the video
  • In the content editor go to Insert > Video
  • Click to the Embed tab and paste (Ctrl + V or right click, paste) in the embed code you copied from YouTube.
  • Click ok and the video will be displayed in the editor as a grey box with a video icon.
  • Save the changes and view your page / item to check the video
Advertising your site

Advertising your site

The focus is on increasing your sites rankings and visibility on the major search engines as well as creating a web of links pointing to your site.

Amberley Preschool

Amberley Preschool

Website  Redesign and development of existing web presence. This clean and simple site presents parents with relevant information about the preschool, prep school and nursery. Integrated content control allows for easy publishing of information accessed by public or staff.Project Type  Website rebuildLocation  AmberleyTags    basic  service  amberley 
Anti-Fraud tips for online trading

Anti-Fraud tips for online trading

When buyer and seller meet physically to exchange money for goods, trust is less of an issue.

Unfortunately, online payment remains a major area of Internet immaturity. Payment and data transfer security are allied problems. When buyer and seller meet physically to exchange money for goods, trust is less of an issue than when two entities deal blind online.

Better invoicing

Cleanweb uses our own web software, via our website, to manage our clients services, billing and general account management.

There had always been a limitation on the information available to our invoice and emailing system, particularly around repeat billing for services charged regularly to an individual client.

This prompted improvements in the invoicing feature we offer and consequently the invoices our clients receive from us.

Block of 5 email accounts

Service provided by 1stdomains$5.00per month
Cheviot Community

Cheviot Community

Website  www.cheviotnz.comDetails  This community based website offers listing of local businesses, trades people and community services as well as lots of photos and information on activities and events.Quote  While our original website was functional there were a number of constraints that limited its potential. Cleanweb was able to rework the Cheviot Promotions website so that it was easy to update and edit text, we could add new pages at no extra cost, generate invoices for our advertisers within the website, and generally provide a platform which served the needs of the group and our community.Project Type  Site development & supportLocation  CheviotTags    cheviot  community  service  membership 

Computer Service

$50.00per hour
Computer servicing, support and training

Computer servicing, support and training

I provide a house call service in the Cheviot and Parnassus region. If you're experiencing issues with your computer, internet connection, printer or other digital device I can help. Get in touch and make a time for me to drop in and assist.$65.00hour